The ERT-6100 Full Mission Engine room simulator is an INTERACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT TRAINING SOLUTION designed for the training and certification of Marine engineers in Watch keeping and the Operation Management of Main engine and Auxiliary systems.

STSTC ERT-6100 simulates Propulsion, Electrical and Auxiliary systems. It provides Engine Room functionality for both 2 and 4 stroke types of main engines, with reduction gearing and controllable pitch propeller.

The Interactive 3D virtual reality module simulates actual equipment used on board. Students are able to move through a 3D environment to perform all necessary actions related to machinery operation and watch keeping. The module uses a multi-speaker 3D setup in order to provide a realistic sound environment.


  • Familiarization with engine room environment and functionality
  • Main engine and auxiliary equipment operation and watch keeping
  • Operation and procedures during maneuvering
  • Fuel saving and energy conservation
  • Alarm and safety systems and emergency operation 
  • Vessel resource management

The ERT-6100 provides seamless integration with the NTS Pro-6100 Full mission bridge simulator. The simulator is equipped with  a powerful, built-in Assessment module suitable for evaluation of student performance.


  • Stand-alone and Networked solution
  • Full mission with realistic hardware panels and controls
  • Propulsion plant and Monitoring systems
  • Electrical Power plant and Auxiliary machinery
  • HD 3D Virtual Reality  module 
  • Library of various MAN B&W engine models 
  • Interactive algorithm of operation

Realistic simulation of vessel’s interior to improve efficiency of training. Certified by DNV for Class A training operation. 


    Efficacy of Engineers training depends on physical realism of the Engine room simulator. In traditional ERS CBT setup, critical hardware elements are missing in the classroom. STSTC developed ERS Tabletop console equipped with actual hardware controls and gauges to improve performance of ERS training. Compact Tabletop console can be easily mounted on almost any table and connect to ERT-6100 via USB interface.

For fraction price of Full mission system, STSTC ERT-6100 CBT solution provides same hardware controls and functionality for Engineers training and certification. Scalability of STSTC simulators allows customers to upgrade for Full mission in the next year, gradually expanding their training facility. ERT-6100 Engine room simulator is DNV certified affordable solution for Engineers training.