NTS Pro 6100-F is the ultimate tool for fisherman education and competence development. The system allows students to familiarize and learn how to operate different types of fishing gear, while building understanding of different fishing techniques. Fisherman will learn how to plan fishing campaign, find and catch fish, while handling vessel’s navigation. Combination of highly realistic dynamic fishing algorithms and environmental conditions allows training at different levels. Full Fishing gear control, together with modern fishing equipment simulation and realistic 3D underwater presentation, creates the ultimate tool for fisherman training.


    STSTC Fishing simulator NTS Pro 6100-F is a part of the extended range of STSTC Navigation simulators family. NTS Pro 6100-F can be delivered either as a stand-alone system or as an integrated module to existing STSTC bridge simulators.


    The simulator will increase competence and help with career development for the fisherman who wants to develop skills in navigation and different fishing methods to meet today’s higher standards of fishing. 

    The NTS Pro 6100-F follows the IMO initiative to increase safety and productivity through implementation of STCW-F requirements,  and is certified by DNV to comply with training standards ST-0033, Section 14: Fishery operation.


    The simulator will provides realistic simulation of modern fishing equipment. It simulates acoustic signals and signal propagation under different environmental conditions, including refraction, absorption in the water, doppler effect and others. Familiarisation with fishing equipment in application to fish finding and catching will allow the fisherman to change parameters and control fishing equipment in the most efficient way by using various fishing techniques.


    The simulator will help to familiarize students with various fishing techniques under different environmental conditions pursuing a wide range of objectives:

 Search and finding fishing schools by use of equipment 

 Use of of various fishing gear to catch fish

 Vessel maneuvering during fishing operation

 Fishing vessel operation training

 Fisherman certification and assessment


    Replicas of actual control panels are used for Sonar and Trawl-master stations. Trawl-master console accommodates all fishing equipment. The simulator provides realistic simulation of various fishing gear, including different kind of trawls, seines, lines, winches and their controls. The end-user will be able to adjust a wide range of parameters including:

  • Type of trawl, seine and longline
  • Wire and line length, loading
  • Board dimensions, position and weight
  • Trawl dimensions, position, weight and other parameters
  • Seine length, dimensions, buoyancy and other parameters
  • Longlines length, section count, hook weight 


   STSTC is expanding its digital assets. Our fleet of fishery vessels is growing fast. 14 vessels of different type are available for fisherman training. Various Longliners, Shrimpers, Trawlers and Seiners are on the list of STSTC Fishery operation simulator.