STSTC NTS-Pro 6100 is a family of Navigational simulators, including Full Mission Ship handling simulator, Steering simulator, Fishing simulator, ARPA and ECDIS simulator. It is a DNV Class A approved solution, with up to 360-degree visualization system projected on flat or cylindrical screens or LCD displays. Interfaces are proprietary hardware and are all in-house made and designed.


  • Bridge team management
  • Ship handling (integrated with ERS)
  • ARPA/Radar training and certification
  • ECDIS training and certification
  • Pilot training and assessment
  • Competence assessment
  • Harbour/terminal exercising and modelling
  • Naval exercises


‍    STSTC Steering simulator is an affordable tool for training of shipboard bridge operation for various simulated scenarios in navigation and collision avoidance tasks. It is easily upgradable solution for the customers who plan to investment in future expansion of simulator facility. 

‍    NTS-Pro 6100 Steering simulator can also be used as part of Multifunction classroom (MFC) for ARPA and ECDIS training and certification. Simulator equipped with real hardware controls, that are the same what used in Full mission bridge simulator. The simulator can be used as a Stand-alone or Networked solution.


‍    STSTC Desktop Navigation simulator is flexible training solution adaptable for various training environment. NTS-Pro 6100 Desktop simulator provides same functionality as our full scale training systems. The student workstation can be configured for number of different combination between main modules of ARPA/ECDIS/CONNING/VISUALS.  STSTC unique design tabletop Steering console equipped with hardware controls dramatically increase reality of the simulation. Tabletop replica of ARPA/Radar keyboard and VHF handset are compliment to this cost-effective training solution. Operation is done through touch screens and hardware controls or mouse/computer keyboard. The simulator can be used as  Stand-alone of Networked solution.


‍    STSTC NTS-Pro 6100/ARPA simulator is the ultimate solution for Radar/ARPA training. Bespoke radar scenes of any area in the world are available on the customer’s request.  Simulation of widely used JRC/FURUNO radars together with replica of radar keyboard, provides realistic training.  A wide range of realistic effects is simulated; shaded areas, loss of targets in heavy sea, radar picture change depending on ship’s rolling and pitching, echo-signals of different ranges depending on geometry and reflection capability of a shore line. The simulator can be used as a Stand-alone or Networked solution.

Radar simulation taking in to account the following parameters:

  • earth geodesic data and geometry of simulated area;
  • size and position of objects;
  • antenna location and size of radar reflective surface;


‍    STSTC NTS-Pro 6100/ECDIS is a Type-approved solution for ECDIS training. With mandatory introduction of ECDIS for SOLAS vessels, ECDIS operation training becomes compulsory. The STSTC ECDIS Simulator is fully compliant with the latest performance standards for shipborne navigation equipment.

The simulator can be supplied in various configurations, starting from PC-based software suitable for shipboard training to the large scale classroom multi-function networked solution. A powerful instructor station has a built-in assessment module to ensure the quality of training.

Main Features:

  • Stand-alone or MFC Network configuration;
  • On-screen control for maneuvering and operation;
  • Several options for DNV Type approved ECDIS are available;